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  • John Fahmy

Steel Erection in Action

The ROSSCLAIR team has teamed up with Leonardo Romanese Architect to construct the latest Storage Mart climate-controlled facility in Toronto.

We're busy hustling

ROSSCLAIR is proud to build Storage Mart's latest climate-controlled storage facility. This latest project features a 6-storey building on the brownfield site at 345 Danforth Rd, Toronto ON. The job is well underway as our crew and partners are busy erecting steel on site. What was once an empty plot of land, is now becoming home to a 90,000 sq ft storage facility to meet various local storage needs.

While construction is well underway, we have had the opportunity to take video footage of our splendid job in the works! A countless amount of steel is being used to build this facility with great attention to detail. Unique to our subtrade, Steelcon, the steel frame construction incorporates SIN beams as an alternative to open web joist. Moreover, the building's design features an elevator shaft which creates great access to all 6 levels from top to bottom.

Our skilled team is working around the clock with Leonardo Romanese Architect's team to complete this design-build on schedule for November 2022. Week by week, tremendous progress is being made as the facility begins to take shape. During our construction phases, we look forward to providing updates on this fantastic new build project in anticipation of its final product!


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