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  • John Fahmy

Beautiful Natatorium Views

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

A complete transformation of the University of Toronto's natatorium at the Clara Benson Building to a bright and modern space featuring glass integrated with smart film.

A Beautiful Transformation

What was once an outdated seating area at the Clara Benson building's natatorium is now home to a beautiful spectator deck. We teamed up with the University of Toronto's UPDC to completely transform the swimming pool's seating area from ordinary wooden bleachers to a modern space. We brought the space to life through a careful selection of colors that best coincided with the property's characteristics.

The renovated space features eye-catching elevated seating arrangements, water fountains, and wood finishing. Our key highlight with this project is the smart film technology within the new glass. The newly installed electrochromic glass incorporates the ability to turn viewing on and off through a simple switch! Thus, bringing a brand-new viewing experience to campus.

Throughout this project's duration, the ROSSCLAIR team demolished the existing space, in order to bring in a fresh new look into the Clara Benson building. We installed brand new doors and drywall, performed millwork, flooring, mechanical and electrical services as well as applied fresh layers of paint in revitalizing the deck. We were able to completely transform the area to best suit the needs of all facility students and staff members with our final product. The ROSSCLAIR team is extremely proud to be a part of this project as we brought forth brand new changes for the faculty of the University of Toronto!


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